Knights Of Bloodsteel 2009

Elf Wizard Tesselink recruits four “ordinary people,” John, Perfida, a goblin with extrasensory powers Ber-lak (Dru Viergever), and a young conman Adric (Christopher Jacot) and dubs them the Knights of Bloodsteel. It becomes their job to protect the last of Marabili’s most precious commodity – a rare metal called Bloodsteel – from the forces of evil. Seems the folks of that land haven’t been very green, or should that be red, and now the natural resource is running low.
In order to save the world, The Knights of Bloodsteel must locate the mythical Crucible which is reputed to be the source of all Bloodsteel. But the evil Dragon Eye and his army are also looking for the Crucible, as whoever finds it first will have unlimited power.